Top 5 Web-Novels

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I am an avid book reader, and I often run out of books to read.  When that happens, I look at top ten lists to help me find and determine which books I want to read.  These are my top five favorite web novels.

5.  The Gods are Bastards

The Gods are Bastards is about a group of students in a world where the gods are real, dragons and magic is real, and the empire they live in going through an industrial revolution.  This web novel is excellently written and provides a realistic world with magic and technology would look like.

This story is tagged as original, action, adventure, steampunk, and ongoing.

The Gods are Bastards

4.  Savage Divinity

Savage Divinity is about a man who is reincarnated as an orphan.  He eventually becomes a well regarded martial artist in a world with cultivation rules, ancestral beasts, and an empire on the brink of collapse against a dire enemy.  Savage Divinity is a great story that engrossed me in the story.

This story is tagged as Original, action, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, slice of life, and ongoing.

Savage Divinity

3. The Zombie Knight Saga

The Zombie knight Saga is about a teenager who commits suicide, meets a grim reaper and makes a deal to be resurrected and fight evil.  The teenager is gifted with supernatural powers to accomplish his goal.  I was very impressed with the world building skills the author showed in this web novel.

This story is tagged as Original, action adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and ongoing.

The Zombie Knight

2. Heretical Edge

Heretical Edge is about a teenage girl who’s life is turned inside out when she finds out that myths and legends are true.  The Heretical Edge is a great story that incorporates good storytelling elements and exciting thrills.

This story is tagged as original, action, adventure, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and ongoing.

Heretical Edge

1. Worm

Worm is a story about a teenage girl who discovers that she has super powers.  As the story progresses she will find that not everything about the superhero/supervillian paradigm is right.  Worm was my introduction to web novels, and is still the greatest web novel written to date.

This story is tagged as original, action, superhero, sci-fi, and


You can find links to all these stories and vote for the one you think is best at this site.

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