Web Novels Vs. Traditional Books

Which is better: regular small updates or large updates spaced out over time.  Webfics are usually updated once or twice a week, and books in a series are usually released once a year.  The question is: Is it better to get a small update every few days or a large update once a year.  I think it is better to get a small update once every few days.  I think this because it requires me to think about the story more often than a book release schedule does.  I sometimes do not remember to check for sequels to some books because there is such a long time in between book releases.  Furthermore there is the chance that the author will take longer than a year to publish a sequel.  There are some people who will argue that webfics sacrifice quality for quantity.  Critics also point out that several authors stopped updating their webfics halfway through.  To some degree, I agree with these criticisms.  There is some reduction in writing quality when books are written in web novel form.  However, critics are overstating the quality drop.  I also agree that authors writing web novels often stop for various readings.  I would point out that it isn’t only web novelists who do this.  Douglas Hulick stopped writing after two books.  His series was unfinished at the time he stopped.  It isn’t uncommon for people who write traditional books to also stop writing.

woman reading a book beside the window
Photo by RAHUL SHAH on Pexels.com
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